Safety Solutions

At Hyundai we’re dedicated to delivering safety features that more than protect operators and equipment, the tools and technology that come standard in our forklifts improve your ability to prevent accidents and maintain a safer overall work environment.

Proactive Prevention

Our innovative technology-driven features address the factors that typically cause forklift accidents. By automatically identifying and responding to potential risk, correcting user error, and providing operator alerts, our features proactively reduce the number of dangerous situations in your workplace – preventing accidents, reducing injuries and enhancing working.

Smooth Operations

Our forklifts come standard with multiple mirrors, lights and cameras that improve operator visibility and increase their ability to safely maneuver equipment regardless of environment, light conditions or obstacles. In addition, our forklifts feature LED dashboard monitors that improve the ability of operators to safely load and unload by safety-related information such as load weight, mast tilt degree, and vehicle incline information in real-time.

Awareness Advocate

Hyundai is committed to safety first. We work with our dealers and partners to actively support safety education, training and promotion efforts. We’re a proud supporter of the annual industry-wide National Forklift Safety Day and its focus on helping keep forklift safety top of mind.

“As always, Hyundai kept safety a top priority with their BC-9 forklifts.”

– Forklift Action
News service for materials handling

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